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Interview about Lit2Quit on Pulse + Signal

Read the latest interview with Azadeh Jamalian about Lit2Quit for the public health innovation blog, Pulse + Signal:

  “If you’ve ever smoked, and tried to quit, chances are you know how much fun quitting, and quit attempts, aren’t. The cravings, the mood swings, the weight gain – ugh! What if quitting smoking was fun instead?” read more


Lit2Quit on Video

Watch our team speak about the research and process of our mobile game for health.  As always, stay in touch and give us your comments/questions.

via AdvanceWeb

Inside Magazine, Lit, and our research team

Azi (Azadeh), one of the researchers from the Lit2Quit team, has her profile featured in the latest issue of Teachers College Inside magazine. It’s an interesting article which briefly talks about her vision on games and their role in education.

Lit’s Sound Designer Wins Best Score Award

Congratulations to Roy Coopervasser, Lit’s Sound Designer, for winning Best Original Music Award at the Charlotte Film Festival for the music he composed for Keren Atzmon’s feature film Failing Better Now. We are proud of you, Roy, and we expect nothing less for Lit!

Lit is in the news again!

Prof. Kinzer was interviewed by the Associated Press for an article that ran in newspapers around the country. Computer game designers try health promotion is the title of the story.

Lit at Games for Health

If you’re interested in what we’re doing, you can come hear about the project in person in Boston at the end of the month.   We’re a part of a the first mobile serious games conference, which means you get to see lots of other people doing cool, innovative mobile game work too!

The conference schedule is here.  Azadeh Jamalian and Pazit Levitan will be attending, so look for us and say hello.  We’d love to see you!