A team of doctoral students (lead researchers: Azadeh Jamalian, Pazit Levitan, and Jessica Mezei), faculty (Principal Investigator: Charles Kinzer) and consultants (Jessica Hammer, expert in game design, Kathleen O’Connell, smoking cessation expert, and Sandra Okita, consultant in measurement and assessment design) have received $150,000 from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Pioneer Program to design, develop, and test Lit2Quit mobile game.

Josh Knowles, software programmer, Josh Larson, graphic designer, and Roy Coopervasser, audio designer, are the development team members for the project.

Nisha Alex, a student in Instructional Technology and Media, was part of our primary research team  for the first year of the project. Rosanna Lopez, a student in the International Educational Development Program, was active in the initial stages of concept development.
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