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Software Programmer: Josh Knowles

Josh Knowles is a social media development consultant living in New York City. He works on social, mobile, and gaming projects with groups such as MTV, MTVU, Nokia, the US Department of Energy, the Houston Astros, Puma, LiveNation, Sprint, Digium, Area/Code Games, and Harvard University. Josh has also presented on these topics at conferences including SXSW, the Microsoft Design Expo, PICNIC (Amsterdam), Come Out and Play, the O’Reilly Mac OS X Conference, MobileMusicWorkshop (Vienna), the Austin Museum of Digital Art, Dorkbot, and the New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference. Josh recently won an Innovation Award from Digium for creative uses of telephony. His academic credentials include an undergraduate honors degree from the University of Texas and a master’s degree from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. He blogs at

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