Pazit Levitan

Primary Research Team Member: Pazit Levitan

Pazit Levitan is a doctorate candidate in Communication and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, and a project manager for Lit. A New York–based media producer who developed a global career around her passion for cross–cultural communication, education, and the arts, Pazit has three academic degrees from three different countries and over fifteen years of professional experience in creative team management, new media production, web-based interaction and educational initiatives. She presented in various conferences (G4H, GLS), academic programs (MCNY, Montana Uni.) and professional workshops (Web strategies for non-profit organizations). Pazit is also the Executive Producer of an award-winning “chick flick with balls” independent film, entitled “Failing Better Now”, and a volunteer Chairwoman of the 92nd Street Y’s “Israeliness” family program. Pazit is a mother to two lovely sons, who have been her biggest teachers regarding balance, love and getting things done.

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