Lit is a mobile game for smoking reduction.  In other words, we aim to help people quit smoking through game-play!

Our game is intended to be an alternative to smoking, with the goal of giving players a cigarette-free, non-invasive way to satisfy their nicotine cravings.   We use breath control, color, sound, challenges and player feedback to mimic the stimulant and relaxant effects of smoking.  Instead of smoking for the rush of it, players can reach for Rush Mode of our game.  Smokers who want to relax can try Relax Mode instead.

Rush Mode

Relax Mode

We are currently developing the game and researching whether it indeed mimics the effects of smoking.  We are testing both emotional responses and physiological measures, including EEG, heart rate, and galvanic skin response.   If we can match the response of smokers after a cigarette to their response after playing our game, it will indicate this can be an effective replacement therapy for smokers who want to quit.

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