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GLS Attendee Choice Award

Thanks to attendees at Games, Learning and Society conference in Madison, WI, our game Lit2Quit: A Mobile Game for Smoking Reduction  won “Attendee Choice Award” for being the game that inspires playing most. This is the BEST award that game designers could accept!

We are thrilled!


Meaningful Play 2010

I’ve been meaning to share my experience at Meaningful Play…

This past October  Dr Kinzer and I (Jess Mezei) attended  the biennial conference Meaningful Play (MP) at Michigan State University on behalf of the Lit2Quit team. I presented the first physiological and emotional data results of our alpha phase of research for the Rush mode of our game. You can flip through the presentation below and get in touch if you have any questions/comments. The presentation was apart of the Assessing Games for Health track and also featured Rob Goldman’s presentation about At-Risk a suicide prevention training simulation and Laurie Hartjes’ work about a malaria reduction game.

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Games, Learning and Society at Madison, WI (June 2010).

This is the second year that I participate in GLS, an inspiring conference set at a fun town, covering game design, educational potential, challenges and achievement in the field.  Industry gurus like Henry Jenkins, Jim Gee, Sasha Barab, Kurt Squire, Constance Steinkuehler, Richard Halverson, Colleen Macklin and Eric Zimmerman remind us of the multi-disciplanary nature of the game design field.  Researchers, technologists, educators, designers, artists and administrators come together to present, listen, develop, discuss and most of all challenge conventions.

This year there is more confidence about the integration of games – play as well as design – in the public educational system.  “Who are the experts?” Squire asks, presenting his upcoming book “Video Games and Education” – as he calls to collaborately develop a new “Assessment Bill of Rights”, where students would have the right to challenge educators and researchers claims.  GLS brings about food for thought…

Lit is proudly presented at GLS.  People react enthusiastically to our project, especially to the idea of implementing a breath interface as a core design element, and aligning our mobile game design and research approach to both smoking literature (breath therapy; “Rush” and “Relax” modes) and data collection (a variety of physiological and emotional measurements).  I am grateful to be here and feel a part of the cutting edge.